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Welcome to Montgomery College (MC)!

Welcome to Montgomery College (MC)!

If you want to earn a degree or new professional skills, Montgomery College can help you take the first step。As a Montgomery College student, you will have all the support, guidance and opportunities you need to achieve your goals。


I'm interested in taking classes at Montgomery College。Where should I begin?

Depending on your goals, Montgomery College (MC) offers a number of options。We offer free Adult Basic English Courses (ESL) and GED Courses that lead to your high school Equivalency diploma。In addition, we offer college level English courses。You can do it through Workforce Development The plan is to complete a short-term training program and certification, and a two-year full-time study program to obtain a university degree。To learn how to participate in courses in these and other areas, you can call (Interpretation services provided)。

If you need a student visa or an I-20 form,Please click here

What types of courses are offered?

Montgomery College offers both credit and non-credit courses。

What's the difference?

Credit courses are available to students who wish to obtain university credit towards a certificate or university degree, or who are taking courses required to transfer to another university。Look for courses in the credit course catalog

Non-credit courses are intended for students who wish to gain general knowledge or expand their knowledge in certain areas, study technology, or pursue personal interests。Non-credit courses cannot be used to apply for a college degree, but students may take non-credit courses to obtain continuing education or certification credits needed to carry out their business。Look for courses in the Non-credit Courses Directory (WDCE)

How can I improve my English?

Read moreCredit and non-credit courses that will improve your English language skills。

Step 1: How do I register

Here are some simple steps to take you to your first Montgomery College (MC) class。

Please note that these steps apply to new students wishing to take credit courses。If you are a current credit student, please seeHow to register for a course

You can view it onlineThe curriculum课程

For non-credit (WDCE) courses, you "don't" need to follow these steps: You only need toChoose your course,然后Registration and Payment

The registration process for credit courses

Step 1: Apply

Complete the application for admission。

  • Apply for admission
  • Upon graduation from high school, an official transcript is submitted to the Admissions Office。

General admission to Montgomery College is for any graduate of an recognized high school, satisfactory completion of the General Equivalency Diploma (GED), or at least 16 Aged who have graduated or left secondary school。Standardized test scores (e.g., SAT, ACT) are not required for admission, but can be used to determine your course schedule。


Some of the school's programmes have additional enrolment requirements and/or deadlines。Please refer to the details of each course:

Step 2: Activate your account and identify the class

Set up your MyMC account with your MC email。Then confirm if you need to take the placement test。

Step 2: Activate your account and identify the class
  • To apply for your MyMC account: go MyMC And click Claim Your Account.。You will be prompted to enter your MC student ID and M# number (nine characters including M)。
  • When you have logged in to MyMC, click on the email icon to set up your Montgomery College email account。This will be the primary way Montgomery College communicates with you。
  • Confirm if you need to take the placement test。You may need toPlus ACCUPLACER or ACCUPLACER ESL, or possible exemption
Step 3: Complete your orientation and schedule an interview with your advisor

Complete orientation and counseling。

Step 4: Register for courses and pay fees

Register for your course and make sure you pay on time。

Register for your course and make sure you pay on time

Now, let's prepare for the semester:

How much does it cost to attend classes at Montgomery College?

其实,比您想像的少!在这里接受教育比起许多大学都来得便宜。You can save up to 50% on tuition compared to a four-year public college。

Credit courses

Tuition and fees for credit courses may vary depending on the credit you are taking and whether you live in Montgomery County, another Maryland county, or out of state。For technical vocational qualifications or university education, you will pay fees based on the number of credits you have taken。For example, full-time students will pay The cost of 12 credits plus the cost of books。Check out current tuition rates

Non-credit courses

Fees for non-credit courses may vary depending on the type of study or the course you wish to take。For information on fees associated with non-credit courses,Please visit this page and select the course you are interested in。You can also call the following numbers directly for fee information:。

Whether a federal grant (FAFSA) is available to help defray costs?

Credit courses

If you are eligible for subsidy,You can apply for financial aid

There are a variety of financial aid schemes available to students。On this page, you will find more information about the types of grants available

To confirm your eligibility for these Financial Aid programs, you must fill out the Montgomery College Financial Aid Office, American High School, and网上Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)。Please remember that this application is free and you do not need to pay someone to help you complete it。If you need assistance with your application, please call Contact our financial aid office or visit one of our campus offices for personalized attention。

Montgomery College offers a number of scholarships。To apply for a scholarship to Montgomery College,You must fill out the application form on this page

Scholarships are also available through private companies and ngos。You can do it at the Financial aid office at Montgomery CollegeOr find scholarship information on this page

Non-credit courses

These courses are not covered by federal financial aid (FAFSA)。However, you may be eligible for some scholarships。Click here for more information

Is there any payment plan?

Montgomery College offers a payment plan that allows students to divide tuition into three installments during the semester。The earlier you sign up, the more flexibility you have。Ask the cashier how to participate in the Tuition Payment Program (TlP) Or visit this page for more information

Evaluate diplomas and transfer previously acquired credits

Save yourself time and money by earning your degree with knowledge acquired outside of college。

Montgomery College offers you the opportunity,Allows you to use credits earned at other institutions to complete your studies at Montgomery College。You can transfer credits previously earned at other institutions and take exams and/or earn credits for work experience, including military service。

All Montgomery College students can take advantage of this opportunity, whether they are already enrolled in the program or wish to enroll as freshmen。

Community Engagement Centre (Community Liaison Office)

If it were more convenient,Please visit our community Engagement center(Located at gaithersburg Library and East County Regional Service Center)。Not only do you get answers to many of your questions, you can also take non-credit courses at these centers。