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FACE-OFF: Stores should not open on Thursday for Black Friday

Szilard Beres, Features Editor

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The aroma of glazed turkey drifting from the oven. The long-awaited hugs and kisses from distant grandparents. The table right before dinner, filled with food and celebration. It’s Thanksgiving, a long celebrated American tradition that is slowly giving way to a night of over-indulgence and at times, violence: Black Friday.

     Thanksgiving celebrations may vary from family to family, but they all have one thing in common: upholding family values and preserving culture. Whether that may be tasting grandma’s homemade gravy or listening to a distant great uncle’s stories, family reunions during the holidays are traditions we should honor. Many department stores, however, would prefer families to instead rush their meals, cut down bonding time and hurry to their crowded stores. Macy’s Black Friday sale for example, began at 5pm on Thursday.

     Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the thought of a meaningful family meal to the idea of waiting in a Best Buy line. Walking through aisles of marked down junk holds no comparison to greeting family with a bounty of kisses and hugs. Black Friday is America’s most exasperating oxymoron: a few hours after counting our blessings for our family, friends and what we have, we trample each other in malls for material possessions.

       Some even took this time shopping to a dangerous level.  During Black Friday in 2012, two people were shot in a Tallahassee Walmart parking lot over an argument regarding parking spaces. A Black Friday brawl in Tustin, California lead to three arrests in 2014. In a particualarlly horrifying case in 2013, a father in San Bruno, California was charged in a crash that killed two of his daughters after Black Friday shopping. His four daughters had to be crammed into the back seat which only sat three to make room for the families’ purchases. Are markdowns worth endangering the lives of your family. This ridiculous attitude spreads throughout the country every year, and it’s time for it to come to an end.

     Maybe the excitement of new deals is too much to pass up. Maybe the glimmer of a new present or a new screen is too much to throw away. It doesn’t have to be this way. In the wake of sales through Black Friday,  it makes more sense to skip the lines and stay home with the family. After all, Thanksgiving ought to be spent in the warmth of your family, not the warmth given off by an LED screen.

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FACE-OFF: Stores should not open on Thursday for Black Friday