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Stores should begin opening on Thursday for Black Friday

Nabiha Azaz, Sports Editor

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This Thanksgiving, I went Black Friday shopping, and no, I didn’t camp outside for more than six hours hours. In fact, I went right after my family and I had our Thanksgiving dinner.

     Many may disagree with the idea of Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving and having stores open all day, but if it wasn’t for the flexible store hours, we wouldn’t have ever been able to go out and shop on our own time.

     Thanksgiving is celebrated at varying times of that day: for some, late into the night and and others, during the middle of the day. Having it open all day allows for these families to have the option of taking part in the Black Friday madness whenever their schedule allows.

     America is melting pot of cultures, and it’s wrong to assume that every family celebrates Thanksgiving the same way, or even put any emphasis at all on the holiday. For my family, Thanksgiving is just another weekly extended family dinner. We choose to celebrate the holiday and bond as a family by going Black Friday shopping together after dinner. It’s unfair to limit the citizens of this country to the societal standards set by popular culture.

     Culture is designed to expand and change over time. Black Friday is quickly becoming an integral aspect of the Thanksgiving tradition, and it’s time Americans accept it as part of their culture, whether they like it or not. Mega sales after holidays is not just reserved for materialistic Americans – Boxing Day is celebrated the day after Christmas in the British Commonwealth nations and is marked by similar sales in stores during the early hours of the day. Tramplings and fights during Black Friday are isolated incidents, comparable to road rage whilst driving or fights in school.

     Black Friday is beneficiary to the economy. As holidays across the United States become more commercialized, it is necessary for companies to target as large an audience as possible. Black Friday is the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, and many consumers buy all of their gifts during that weekend. In 2015, customers flocked to Thursday doorbuster deals, and according to the National Retail Federation, total spending over the four-day weekend reached a record $59.1 billion, a 13% increase from $52.4 billion in 2014.

     It’s time to end the stigma associated with Black Friday. After all, there is a reason, according to the National Retail Federation, why 154 million Americans went this year.

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Stores should begin opening on Thursday for Black Friday